Construbuild is a dynamic company, composed of professionals who have contributed to building a better world.

True to this concept, Construbuild has achieved a steady and sustained growth, especially in this economic resection time, that enabled a strong entrepreneurial capacity, with means and resources, including human, which enabled it to multiple processes and diversification of its activity the other sectors.

Construbuild has been developing its activity in various sectors of construction and specialized services.

Currently, Construbuild takes responsibility for a company with big gains in construction, where their teams and structures are interconnected to a final result of recognized ability in design, innovation, construction and management of major projects and ventures.

Its main mission is based on customer satisfaction, providing for that personal service, budgeting and preparation of any work, counseling before and during the work, lifting of the work amounts of charting, market consultation, comparative maps, monitoring of work among others.

With the best of technical skills, we guarantee the quality always involving the client in the different project phases, from planning to implementation.


Value based on the origin and purpose of the Company. Where you create and develop knowledge and skills for applying the principles of science in the analysis and resolution of practical issues and human needs.


Fundamental principle of how to perform the tasks, consisting of the virtue of producing a desired effect and do it with the right resources, achieving mainly to do with zero-fault, zero accidents and minimum waste.


Corresponds to the committed and enthusiastic way they accept the challenges and responsibilities, acting with intent hardworking, sacrifice and courage.


It consists of straight assessment of the facts; present things as they are, with good faith and rigor and are not afraid to take the mistakes and limitations, or the successes and capabilities, translating a purposeful awareness and knowledge of oneself and of the Company.


Is based on the importance of “promise” and the way almost “obsessive” to pursue the fulfillment of contracts and obligations, both with partners such as loyalty and complicity with their own colleagues and to the company itself.


Structuring principle that is reflected in the considerable autonomy granted and the corresponding assumed responsibility, commitment to training, support and encouragement to the people “home”, providing opportunities and valuing those who grabs with the same determination and spirit with which they are provided.


Respect for others, for the dignity of every human person and of institutions, implicit and instinctive way of working that involves the natural assumption of other important designs based on this principle, such as health, safety and the environment.


CONSTRUBUILD Services, Lda has an Integrated System of Quality, Safety and Health at Work and Environment, according to the guidelines of the Standards NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, NP ISO 14001: 2015 and NP EN ISO 45001.