Construbuild has extensive experience in the maintenance and conservation of buildings, hospitals, clinics, condominiums, shopping centers, etc.

Perform scheduled inspections (replacement of electrical devices, locks repair, kitchen cabinets tunings, air conditioning filter cleaning, etc.) and act in emergency situations such as pipe breaks, clogging, short circuits, etc.

We have properly trained teams to resolve any situation that may occur and we have vehicles equipped with specific tools, ensuring a rapid response at very competitive prices. The buildings most in need can enjoy a maintenance contract, through a covenant that guarantees even more advantageous conditions.

Construbuild is authorized to intervene in all areas subject to maintenance in residential buildings, hospital and shopping.

Areas of expertise:
• Survey techniques
• Maintenance of electrical installations
• Maintenance of air conditioning systems – HVAC
• Maintenance of telecommunications facilities – ITED
• Water supply network maintenance.
• Sewage network maintenance and stormwater
• Maintenance of solar and photovoltaic panels.
• Locksmith and garages gates
• Maintenance of facades by Mountaineering

Main customers:
• São Rafael Tower – Parque das Nações
• Health Clinic Montijo
• Shopping Centre Vasco da Gama
• Colombo Shopping Centre
• Caixa Geral de Depósitos


Construbuild is recognized in the market as a company with high quality construction. All projects are built using materials with great nobility, always presenting, both in terms of application as the finish itself, a technical solution as well studied and well executed. The Construbuild has actively participated in the renovation of several houses.

Trade and Services

Construbuild has also performed as diverse works such as medical clinics and health centers. However, art and engineering have been equally well applied in different buildings, presenting always, both in terms of application as the finish itself, a technical solution as well studied and well executed.


The restaurant area has led to Construbuild running various projects in several restaurants listed for excellence in culinary art. Since this is a highly relevant sector, the company has achieved in suitable form, distinguish themselves from the competition in the district of Lisbon.

Partial works

Construbuild performs various tasks, such as: Cooking; Sanitary facilities; coverage; waterproofing; insulation; floors; walls; paintings; frames; metalwork; carpentry; False ceilings; partitions; Electricity; air conditioning; Plumbing; Gas and Home Automation

Wooden houses

Construbuild have the most varied solutions that fit your needs. All products we sold are imported directly, without intermediaries, retailers and stockists, from one of the leading manufacturers in Europe wooden houses. Thus being able to delete all the deficits caused by the traditional production costs, retail or storage, ensuring the best final price for the customer through direct purchase.

Our models using Nordic wood, high-density rings, the smaller amount of resin which confers greater resistance to fire and fungal attack. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Our main activity is based essentially on the Import / Export, however, are available to complement our customers’ needs, contratualizando, when required, the installation of their equipment.


Construbuild has in its specialized technical team to assess the conditions in which it is the building / property and the changes associated with the new proposed project, we operate both on the exterior surroundings as in the interior, proposing the most appropriate solutions for the resolution of the anomalies, as regards the choice of materials, suitable means and techniques.
Perform recoveries of buildings, housing renovation, apartments, shops, offices, among others.