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In Water Services, Construbuild already presents itself as a Reference at the Level of this sector. The activities developed in this area are fundamentally related to the Management of WATER Counting Equipment and all the activity involved, such as, Substitution of meters, Repairs of branches next to the meter, Repairs and Replacements of stair taps, openings and closings of water.

Simultaneously with the development of the products and services portfolio, the geographical expansion of Construbuild’s activity took place, which diversified the customer portfolio and thus constituted itself, as a nationwide company, as a result of an intensive investment policy that allowed it the improvement of the technology used in production, a necessary basis for the expansion of its business volume.

Construbuild, today has as main objectives the establishment of strategic agreements with its main partners, in order to enter into global service contracts. Effectively, the company’s strategic evolution increasingly involves the integration of activities related to the conception, design and management of the projects in which it is involved.

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Construbuild, is aware of the responsibility of ensuring and reinforcing the quality of work and performance, in the provision of services in the commercial area of ​​large water distributors, and of the high level of technical skills achieved by employees, in the performance of their daily duties with the clients of the entities they represent.

From the beginning, Construbuild understood that this activity has a specific character, as it has always been developed by the entities’ own means, and has the client’s home as an intervention area. This assumption led to the creation of a policy based on the maintenance, always and increasingly, of better service provided to the client in order to ensure both the quality of the work performed and the total and efficient performance, thus meeting the expectations of customer satisfaction. customer.

In order to guarantee the natural evolution of the Company and in an attempt to comply with the expectations and requirements of each client, Construbuild – Services Lda., is proud to be certified by APCER in the System Integrated Quality Management System NP ISSO – 9001: 2008, Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 / NP4397 and Environmental Management System NP ISSO 14001: 2006 according to a Quality Assurance model in Production, Installation and Post- Sale, namely in the domains of Construction, Conservation, Water Services, with Placement, Replacement and Removal of Water Meters, Execution and / or Repair of Household Networks or Extensions, Closing and Opening of Water and Meter Readings. </ P >

In order to guarantee this whole framework, four key areas were defined that boosted Construbuild Services Lda. to a highly demanding platform:

– Quality Management
– Training Management
– Security Management
– Environment Management