Currently Construbuild Services Lda, has expanded its range of activities, going beyond the activity of Civil Construction and Technical Assistance, now also providing services in the area of ​​Construction and Remodeling of Water Distribution Networks and Sewerage and Sanitation Networks.

Human Resources

In order to meet the needs of the market, Construbuild Services Lda, recruited for its staff, accredited and highly qualified technicians, with diversified knowledge, acquired over several years and with a lot of professional experience in the area.


Regarding the equipment for the development of this activity, we proceeded to purchase some equipment, namely excavators, loaders, tipper vans and butt welding equipment and welding machine for HDPE piping.

Within this activity sector, Construibuild Services, Lda. Provides the following services:

– Construction and Remodeling of Pipelines and Water Distribution Networks;
– Construction and Remodeling of Rainwater and Domestic Sanitation Networks;
– Construction of Pumping Stations

Main customers:

– SIMAR — Serviços Intermunicipalizados de Águas e Resíduos;
– SIMAS — Oeiras e Amadora
– Águas do Sado
– Private Customers